Combat Strategy Guide


Welcome to WaifuGame, where you'll embark on exciting adventures with your anime characters called "animus." In this game, you'll engage in battles with various foes using a combat system similar to Pokémon. To succeed, you need to understand the basics of combat, your animus' abilities, and how to make the best decisions during battles.

Starting a Combat

You can practice combat by facing random encounters in the Discord channel or the Swiper. To challenge a random encounter, follow these steps:

Click on the hamburger menu.
Choose the 'Battle' option.

Now, let's explore your options in battle:

Options in Battle

A. Attack: Use your animus' combat abilities to damage your opponent. The higher your animus' attack stat, the more damage their physical attacks will do.

B. Swap: Send a new animu from your party to battle. This is helpful when you need a type advantage or if your current animu is struggling.

C. Item: If you have items, you can use them to heal your animus, cure status effects, or boost their stats or chances. Items can be a game-changer, so use them wisely.

D. Forfeit: If the battle seems unwinnable or you want to retreat, choose this option to give up and exit the battle.

Status Effects

In WaifuGame, status effects can significantly impact battles. Here are some tiered status effects inspired by D&D:

Tier 1:

Blinded: Attacks against your animus have an advantage.
Poisoned: Your animus has a disadvantage on attacks.
Frightened: Your animus has a disadvantage on attack rolls.
Charmed: Your animus has a disadvantage on attacks.
Bleeding: Your animus takes lingering damage equal to 50% of the attack value.

Tier 2:

Paralyzed: Attacks against your animus have an advantage, and there's a chance that their attacks won't go through (accuracy is halved).
Restrained: Attacks against your animus have an advantage, but their attacks have a disadvantage.

How Stats Matter

Your animus have various stats that play a crucial role in battles:

Attack: Higher attack stats mean more damage with physical attacks.
Defense: Higher defense reduces damage taken from physical attacks.
Magic Attack: A higher magic attack stat results in more damage with magical attacks.
Magic Resist: Higher magic resist reduces damage taken from magical attacks.
Speed: Determines which animu gets the first hit advantage in battle.
Hit Points (HP): Indicates how much damage your animu can endure before fainting.

Physical or Magical?

Understanding the types of your animus is essential. They can be categorized into physical and magical types. Here are the categories:

Physical Types:


Magical Types:


Knowing your animus' types and their strengths and weaknesses can help you strategize and gain an edge in battles.

Elemental Type Bonuses

Understanding elemental type bonuses is crucial for gaining an advantage in battles. Each elemental type has strengths and weaknesses against others. Here's a graph to help you visualize these interactions:

Some types will be "Super Effective," dealing extra damage against certain types.
Others will be "Not Very Effective," causing reduced damage against specific types.

Mastering type advantages will be key to winning battles efficiently. Pay attention to your animus' types and plan your moves accordingly.

PP (Power Points)

Every move your animus can execute has a limited number of uses called Power Points (PP). Once a move runs out of PP, you won't be able to use it in battle. To restore PP during a battle, you can use the item 'PP Restore.' Keep an eye on your moves' PP to ensure you can keep using your most effective abilities.

Healing Your Party

Maintaining a healthy party is essential for success in WaifuGame. There are three ways to restore your party's health:

Full Party Restore Item: Use a Full Party Restore item from your inventory during battle to heal your entire party back to full health. Make sure to stock up on these items for emergencies.

Hospital: Visit the in-game hospital by paying with Gamer Gold or Emeralds to heal your party completely. This option provides a quick and reliable way to get your animus back in fighting shape.

In-Battle Healing Moves: Some animus may have moves that can heal themselves or their teammates during battle. Explore your animus' abilities to take advantage of their healing capabilities.

Critical Hits (Crits)

Occasionally, your animus may land a Critical Hit (Crit), dealing double damage to the opponent. There's a base 5% chance of landing a crit with each attack. To increase your chances, you can use the item 'Crit Up,' which boosts your Crit Odds by 10%. Keep these items handy for moments when you need that extra damage to secure victory.

Item Usage

In WaifuGame, you can use one item per turn in addition to your animus' attack or other actions. This means that you have the flexibility to heal, buff, or debuff while still dealing damage to your opponents. Carefully plan your item usage to maximize your animus' potential in battle.

Now that you have a better understanding of the basics of WaifuGame, go out there and train your animus, master their abilities, and become a formidable anime warrior! Good luck on your journey!