Player Trading


Player-to-Player Trading is how you can exchange or gifts items with other WaifuGame players.

The following items can be traded:

  • Gamer Gold

  • Emeralds

  • Cards

  • Items, including Gifted Subs

The following items can NOT be traded:

  • Animus

  • Essence

How to Trade?

  1. Go to the "Player Trade" view in the left-side menu (

  2. Click 'Create a new trade'

  3. Send the generated link to partner (via Discord DM or any app you want)

  4. Partner connects, and both players can add items to the trade (discuss it in DMs).

    [!] The Trade will expire if nobody adds/changes their offer during five minutes.

  5. Click Accept Trade when you're ready (both players must accept)

    [!] When trading, it's always safest to let the other person Accept first.
    If you think you might be dealing with a scammer (like they're telling you to hurry up or accept), then always let them Accept first. Don't be afraid of the 'Decline' button either. This will reset the Acceptance Status for both yourself and the other person.

Trade Types

WaifuGame automatically calculates the Gamer Gold value of a trade offer and determines if it is fair.

  • Fair Trade: one trade offer is at most 2X as valuable as the other.
  • Heavily Favored Trade: one trade offer is at most 4X as valuable as the other.

  • Gifts: when one player offers nothing (0 Gamer Gold value), the other player can offer anything. 

  • Unfair Trades: Any other trade than the above three types will be blocked.
    If you want to make an Unfair Trade with someone, and you trust them to not scam you, you can make two separate Gift Trades instead.

Gift Trade Limit

You have a limited number of Gift Trades available. In most cases, this is 5 times per calendar month. It does not matter if you are giving a Gift, or receiving a Gift. It will always count toward your Monthly Gift Trade Limit.

If you reach your Gift Trade Limit, you can reset the limit for 960 Emeralds.

Trade Scams

If you were the victim of a trade scam, you can reach out to WaifuGame's staff via the Discord Support Server in #wg-support. Send screenshots of the conversation with the scammer. 

Conversations are via your own platform (Discord DMs/WhatsApp/Telegram/etc.) so these are not logged by WaifuGame.

All trades are recorded, and scamming is obviously against the ToS of WaifuGame.