Prefer dudes? We got you!

Just a small sample. There are
thousands, if not tens of thousands
of Cards to suit your fancy 

WaifuGame is dedicated to gender equality, and supports love of all kinds. 🏳‍🌈💝

By default, WaifuGame is set to drop an equal amount of Waifus and Husbandos! 

As an option, it's possible to opt-in to seeing either more Husbando Cards or more Waifu Cards. Aproximately 85-15% rather than 50-50%. We also have a bunch of non-binary characters. That includes futas. Channel Administrators may change this setting, so it depends on the server you play on.

Players can always play on multiple servers, so you can always focus on your own preferences if a Channel you currently play on doesn't offer the setting you want. Check out this page if you want to start your own instance of WaifuGame.