Cards that show ??? as the Element haven't been assigned an Elemental Type yet. WaifuGame leaves it up to the players to assign an Elemental Type to characters. 

In Season 1 of WaifuGame, Elemental Types won't matter because there is no (Manual) Battle mode. The Auto-Battle system only uses the Combat Stats to simulate the fight.

When Manual Battles are introduced (likely in Season 2), Elemental Types are essential. Season 2 probably won't start before the 1,000 most popular Characters have been assigned an Elemental Type by the community.

This article describes one possible way the Elemental system will be implemented.
This is to be considered a concept.

There are 20 Elemental Types in WaifuGame. Elemental Types affect both Animus and Attack Moves, and partially determine how much damage is dealt and received from attacks during Combat.

Physical Damage

The following Elemental Types use Physical Damage to calculate damage:

  •  Normal 
  •  Fighting 
  •  Flying 
  •  Ground 
  •  Rock 
  •  Bug 
  •  Poison 
  •  Steel 
  •  Gun Metal
  •  Plasma

Magic Damage 

The following Elemental Types use Magic Damage to calculate damage:

  •  Water 
  •  Grass 
  •  Fire 
  •  Ice 
  •  Electric 
  •  Psychic 
  •  Dragon  
  •  Ghost 
  •  Celestial 
  •  Blood

Damage Effects per Elemental Type

Not complete.