WaifuGame Contests

 WaifuGame runs Contests every once in a while, and you can win awesome prizes!

Sample: winners of the 2021 Spooktober Contest

What is a Contest?

Contests are announced on our Discord Server and on Twitter, and have a specified theme. Your objective is to find six Cards that fit the theme and bring them to life (with Essence).

Once you are happy with your team, you can put your best Animus in your Party. 

How do I compete in a Contest?

  1. Put the Animus you want to submit into your Party. 
  2. Then type /wgEvent from any channel with WaifuGame Bot in it. This will submit your current Party as your Entry for the event. 
  3. If you change your mind, you can always change your entry by typing /wgEvent again. Your last entry counts.
That's it!

(You can change your party back to whatever you want after typing /wgevent)

Sample: winners of the 2021 Food Day (Thanksgiving) Contest


What happens next?

After submissions close, a jury will give scores to each card. The scores for all your cards are tallied together. This is the score for your entry.

The highest score will win 1st Place, the 2nd highest score will win 2nd Place, etc. 

Usually, there are three prizes in every contest. Sometimes, we add prizes for 4th and 5th place if a lot of people entered.

The Jury consists primarily of three Senior Staff members.

What are the rules?

The rules are as follows:
  • You'll need 6 different Animus.
  • You can't bribe a member of the Jury.

How do I increase my odds of winning?

Here are some tips:

  • The Jury always looks at two factors:
    1. How well does it fit the theme?
    2. What's the quality of the art?

    The first factor is the most important. If the contest is about "Food", it's very important that there's lots of food present on the Card. A small cupcake in the corner does not really fit the theme.

    The 2nd factor is how well the art is drawn: perspective, light, anatomy, and style.

  • It's important to realize there's always a second theme. WaifuGame is about attractive animus. So, cards with cute and sexy animus will always perform better than plain cards.

  • Hentai/Restricted Cards are generally allowed, but they are at a disadvantage for the contest.