Terms of Service

WaifuGame (“WaifuGame”, “We”) is a service of various components: the WaifuGame application (the “App”), the Discord Bot (the “Bot”)  and website (the “Website” and collectively with the Bot and App, the “Service”).

The Service is a hobby project, developed not for profit, and is not run commercially nor by a company. 

1. The Service and Warranty

  • The Service is provided free of charge;

  • The Service does not guarantee its workings:

    • Neither in uptime;
    • Nor in any other way, including data integrity;
    • May cease operations (temporarily or permanently) without notice;

The WaifuGame Services are provided to you on an “as is” and “as available” basis without warranties or representations of any kind, express or implied. You assume all responsibility for your use of the WaifuGame Services. To the fullest extent permitted by applicable law, WaifuGame disclaims all warranties, express or implied, which might apply to the WaifuGame Services, including implied warranties of title, non-infringement, merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, any warranties that may arise from the course of dealing, course of performance or usage of trade, and any warranties as to the accuracy, reliability or quality of any content or info contained within the WaifuGame Services.

2. User License

We grant you a limited, non-exclusive, non-transferable, revocable license to use and enjoy the WaifuGame Services (and any Virtual Content) for your individual, non-commercial, entertainment purposes only and expressly conditioned upon your compliance with these Terms. If we terminate your account, any license granted by us to you in the WaifuGame Services and any Virtual Content ends immediately. Unless otherwise expressly authorized by us in a signed written contract, you may not sell, copy, exchange, loan, reverse engineer, decompile, derive source code from, translate, lease, grant a security interest in, transfer, publish, assign or otherwise distribute any of the WaifuGame Services or any of WaifuGame Games’ intellectual property, including any of our computer code or Virtual Content.

3. User Conduct

You agree to the following rules, and understand that your license may be revoked, or that other punitive measures may be instituted against your account(s) and/or your person.
  • Real World Trading. Buying or selling in the real world (for real money) is not allowed. This includes any Digital Content of WaifuGame, as well as accounts.

  • Macroing/Botting/Third-Party Software/Hardware. It means using software or hardware that can help you play the game with the software or hardware doing things for you that you should be doing yourself. Our games are meant to be played by humans - if you cheat, you are likely to be banned.

  • Inappropriate Language Or Behaviour. We want our community to be fun and welcoming for all our players, so text that is considered inappropriate should not be used in our game. 

  • Real-Money Lotteries. It is not allowed to have WaifuGame Digital Content as prizes in a (virtual) lottery for which users have to pay real money. Sweepstakes and giveaways are allowed.

  • Scamming. It is against the rules to try and obtain Items, Cards, Emeralds, Gamer Gold, or other Digital Content from other players by scamming them. By ‘scamming’ we mean tricking or deceiving other players for your own advantage.

  • Buying/Selling and Sharing Accounts.

  • Staff or Bot Impersonation. It is against the rules to impersonate any staff member or the WaifuGame Bot. Impersonation includes changing your display name, username, and/or avatar.

  • Exploiting a Bug. Players must not take advantage of any bugs. If you discover a bug, please report it to us. A Bug Hunter Bounty may be available. Exploiting bugs that impede the Service (causing crashes, or preventing other people from playing) will cause an immediate, permanent ban.

  • Encouraging Others to Break the Rules. You must not encourage, support, or help anyone else to break any of the rules set out here.

4. Monetary aspects

  • Any payment made to the benefit of WaifuGame is considered a non-refundable donation and is explicitly not considered a sale of any kind. Certain benefits may be available only to persons that have donated, but this is explicitly not a sales transaction because donators hold no legal right to claim any benefits from their donation. 

  • Due to the nature of WaifuGame, the game may be considered a game of chance by government bodies. Because of Dutch Gambling Laws; a license for any Card or Item in the game may be purchased for 440,- EUR (including Sales Taxes) directly from the developer. This clause solely has the purpose of limiting the economic value for players trading Cards on Third-Party marketplaces; otherwise, Dutch gambling laws would apply. Cards and Items are the only transferable pieces of Virtual Content within WaifuGame, as such, it is not possible to purchase other Virtual Content under the same clause. (E.g. it's not possible to buy an overpowered Animu).

5. Intended Audiences

This rating is advisory and based on the recommended way to play. 
It is unofficial and not issued by PEGI. 

Unofficial PEGI16 rating: Gambling, Sex, Violence, In-game Purchases

5.1. Minimum Age

Players must be 13 years or older and must be of the minimum age of digital consent in your country or state. For all countries not listed below, 13 is the minimum age to access our app or website.

Asia: South Korea: 14+, Vietnam: 15+, 
Caribbean:  Aruba: 16+, Caribbean Netherlands: 16+, CuraƧao: 16+, Sint Maarten: 16+
Europe: Austria: 14+, Bulgaria: 14+, Croatia: 16+, Cyprus: 14+, Czech Republic: 15+, France: 15+, Germany: 16+, Greece: 15+, Hungary: 16+, Ireland: 16+, Italy: 14+, Lithuania: 14+, Luxembourg: 16+, Netherlands: 16+, Poland: 16+, Romania: 16+, San Marino: 16+, Serbia: 15+, Slovakia: 16+, Slovenia: 16+, Spain: 14+
South America: Chile: 14+, Colombia: 14+, Peru: 14+, Venezuela: 14+

5.2. Intended Age (Parental Advice)

The game is intended for ages 16 and up. WaifuGame may contain drawings of nudity, implicit and explicit sexual content (referred to as NSFW Content). NSFW content is only shown on an opt-in basis.

NSFW content will only be visible in properly configured Discord channels. These channels are accessible ONLY to Users who are verified to be over the age of 18. The verification is done by Discord. WaifuGame will not help players circumvent these measures.

In addition, WaifuGame offers ways to spend real money on Digital Content. If you are susceptible to over-spending or have a gambling problem, WaifuGame may not be the right choice for you. (Spending money is never required in WaifuGame-- all content is available free of charge).

6. Ownership of Digital Content

Players only get a license to access Virtual Content (Cards, Items, Animus, and other content). Players have no ownership over any of the Virtual Content they unlock. Virtual Content has no monetary value, is game-specific, and cannot be redeemed for any type of “real world” money.

Some content may be forcefully refunded on your behalf (for other Virtual Currency): most notably when Cards are removed in automated processes as a result of User Reports.

7. User-Generated Content

WaifuGame contains User Generated Content that may be in violation of Third Party Terms of Services. WaifuGame is dedicated to removing this content as fast as possible (aided by algorithms), but relies on users to report this content.

8. Monitoring

WaifuGame Staff may actively monitor the use of the WaifuGame Services (but have no obligation to do so), both on our own servers and on your computer or device, for a wide variety of different purposes, including preventing cheating and hacking, reducing toxic player behavior, and improving the WaifuGame Services. Please be sure to read our Privacy Notice for important details about how we obtain and process info in connection with your use of the Services.

9. Copyright

Copyrighted material may appear within the Service. Typically these are fan drawings of Third Party IPs. WaifuGame proudly displays sources, authors, and names of IPs, if available. A DMCA procedure is available.

10. Applicable Law

The Netherlands