Underage Content Policy

WaifuGame is a game built on top of fan art (drawings) of anime characters. By far, most content features drawings of adult women and men. However, there are Cards of underage characters: commonly known as Loli (underage girls) and Shota (underage boys). These are subjected to strict rules.

Why Is This Policy In Place?

  • Underage Content is allowed only on the condition that the content is not sexually suggestive/exploitative.

  • A common misconception is that these rules are in place to protect a virtual child. That's not the case: it's about protecting real world children. Sexualized drawings are a gateway to pedophilia: studies suggest that repeated consumption of any sort of kink material will only strengthen that kink, and eventually make it more extreme; possibly with real world consequences.

What Is Underage Content?

Adult body proportions
Copyright 2010 Jeannie Lee
(from the book Drawing: Manga)
  • First and foremost, only the Apparent Age is what matters. Sorry, vampire lawyers.

  • Apparent Age is based on two major characteristics. If both match, it's almost certainly Underage Content.

    • [1] The relative size of the head to the body. If the size of a character's torso is less than two times the size of their head, the artist was likely drawing a child character.

    • [2] The shape of the body: evenly shaped, rounded torsos indicate that the artist was drawing a child character. Small or no breasts may indicate that the artist was drawing a child character.

  • Underage Content must be tagged as such. Users may use the Report function on Card Details to do so afterwards. 

What Are The Policies?

  • Underage Characters are only encountered on an opt-in basis by a Channel Administrator.

  • Underage Character content may still be presented in other Channels, as a result of upstream mis-tagged content. Users are encouraged to report the Card.

  • Characters are generally classified as Underage as a whole.

  • Some Characters are not necessarily Underage, but an Artist may have drawn them as such. In that case, the Card may be deleted without classifying the Character as Underage.

  • Any Underage content that is rated Ecchi/Nudity, Hentai, or Restricted will be deleted immediately.
    • Most swimwear is considered Ecchi for Underage Characters. (Full-body swimsuits are OK)
    • Provocative positioning of Underage Characters will receive extra scrutiny, especially spread legs.

  • Certain artists may be excluded altogether for the content they made available. 

What Happens When A Card Is Deleted?

Cards may be deleted after they were already added to users, or even after they had been brought to life by users.

In that case, a forceful refund will be issued:
  • The user receives the full Essence value of the card. This will be roughly 20% more than the player actually invested in the Card.

  • If applicable, the user receives multiple 'Big Present' items to make up for the invested XP. Due to rounding, the player may receive up to 4999 extra XP.
The 20% extra essence, and the rounding error for the XP, may be considered compensation.

Deleted Cards will no longer have their Card hosted on WaifuGame, and will no longer appear in Encounters. The Card will remain in the WaifuGame database in order to prevent it from appearing in the future. WaifuGame uses hash-based Visual Image Comparison to detect attempts to create the Card again.

Repeat offenders

Users that upload cards that offend these rules, AND/OR users that abuse the Rating System for their own gain, may receive any or multiple of the following penalties:
  • Have their reporting powers (significantly) diminished;
  • Have their Upload ability limited or removed;
  • Permanently banned.