Getting Started

Step 1. Invite the Bot

Click the button below:
Invite WaifuGame Bot to your server

Step 2. Run !setupwg

Then type !setupwg in the channel you want to use. The bot will use this channel to send Encounters to.

It's recommended to start a new channel for WaifuGame, so it won't spam your regular text channels. You can do so by right-clicking in the channel list, then 'Create Channel' or 'Create Text Channel'.

Step 3. Done!

Within a minute, the bot will send the first Encounter to the channel!
You, and any other server members may immediately start interacting with the bot to start playing/no further registration necessary.


Can't Invite the Bot?

I'm trying to play with friends

You need to be the Server Owner or a Server Admin to invite the bot.

  • Just send this guide to the Server Owner. You can recognize them by the crown next to their name. For example:

  • If you want to be able to do this yourself, and to be able to access the WaifuGame Channel Settings, you need to ask the Server Owner to grant you the Manage Server permission. 

I'm trying to play by myself

If you want to play by yourself, but don't have a Discord Server, try this:

  • Anyone can create a new Discord Server. This is free and it doesn't matter that it's just you in it.

  • To do this, click the Plus sign on the left side of your Discord Server bar.

  • Click 'Create My Own' and follow the instructions in Discord.

Not Getting Messages?

If you're not getting Encounters, confirm permissions for the bot. It needs the following permissions: 'View Channel', 'Send Messages', 'Add Reactions', 'Use External Emoji', 'Read Message History'. 

Need More Support?

If you need more help, join the WaifuGame Community Discord server.

Privacy Stuff

In general, it's recommended that you only allow bots into the channels where they are used. You can do so using the 'View Channel' permission. The same goes for WaifuGame. Just make sure the bot has access to your WaifuGame channel ('View Channel', 'Send Messages', 'Add Reactions', 'Use External Emoji', 'Read Message History'). For some communities, it's fun to have the bot in your general chat as well. For instance to show off individual cards (using !wgc) or your entire party (using !profile). WaifuGame does not log any chat (or other activity) and is user-privacy minded. Read more in the Privacy Policy.