Info for Large Servers

Does your Discord Server have over 500 members? Then here's some extra information for you.

We're Only Getting Started!

WaifuGame is very new (April 2021) and is currently limited because of the following:

  • The Bot is not yet Discord Verified. We're currently awaiting verification.

  • Each session can currently support 1,000 players. However, rooms with 100 active players are quite spammy. We're looking for a solution for this.

How To Deal With Too Many Players Per Session

  • For large servers, we would recommend having multiple WaifuGame channels so any interested player can play. 

  • If over 100 players on your server want to play WaifuGame, please join the WaifuGame Community Server and type $new in #wg-chat to open a ticket. The Lead Developer will personally help you get set up. 

Current User Management per Session

  • For now, when new players try to join a Channel Instance that's already full, they'll receive a notice via Direct Message.

  • Players that haven't played for a period of time will automatically be unregistered from their sessions. In other words, their spot will become available again for a new player.