What are Slash Commands?

Slash Commands are the new way Discord lets users interact with bots. They're useful because Discord will show the available commands. WaifuGame has chosen to start all commands with /wg. This makes it easier for players to find the commands they can use.

Why is WaifuGame changing to Slash Commands?

From April 2022, Discord is adding new restrictions to all bots for privacy reasons. Before, all bots could access all chat by you and your users. Obviously, a harmful bot could use that to spy on you and your friends. So, they've decided that bots can no longer access all chat. (Only if the bot is being @-mentioned, or if it's a Moderation Bot)

Slash Commands do offer additional flexibility though (like showing the command results only to you), as well as technical benefits.

So, what's next?

During the month of February 2022, we'll remind you to use Slash Commands or Mention Commands instead. The command will still work, but we're just reminding you to get used to Slash Commands.

During the month of March 2022, we'll stop giving the command result. You'll have to use a Slash Command or Mention Command instead.

From April 2022 onward, WaifuGame responds only to Slash Commands and Mention Commands.

What are Mention Commands?

Mention Commands are like this: "@WaifuGame help" or "@WaifuGame c 12345"
We prefer you use Slash Commands, and some commands are limited to only Slash Commands.

How do I migrate to Slash Commands?

If WaifuGame has been in your channel for a long time, it might not have the right permissions.
The easiest way is to type the following on your server: @WaifuGame slash

This will tell you the following:

To enable Slash Commands, a Discord Server admin has to re-invite WaifuGame:

• You don't have to kick the bot, just click this and select this server. (You won't lose any progress)
• Make sure to give it all the permissions that it requests.
• Make sure the users on this channel have the 'Use Slash Commands' permission.
• Type /wg and see if it's showing any of WaifuGame's Slash Commands, like /wghelp and /wgplay
• It's possible it takes a while for the commands to show (up to an hour, it's a Discord thing)