WaifuGame Bot Listing

 This is a concept page for our Top.gg listing at https://top.gg/bot/812323565012647997.  Intended for dark mode.

» Collect all your favorite characters from Anime, Games, and Movies!
    Over 300,000 Cards and over 12,000 Unique Characters

» Discover Gorgeous Art made by Talented Fans
    And easily find the source to support the artists

» Bring Art to Life by Caring for your Waifus, Husbando’s and Animus
    Give them their favorite foods and they’ll grow stronger

» Enter Contests and Battles
    Our Browser App offers immersive Pok√©mon-style battles

» Flex your Party on Discord using /wgprofile
    Beautiful profiles using Rich Dynamic Image technology

» Built to be Chill-- No chatting or fast responses required.
    Multiple people can react up to four hours after a card drops.
    Need even more time? Premium options are available.

» Global Economy
    Collect Animus on one Discord server and show them on another.

WaifuGame has events every month, and is in active development. 
Take a look at our Twitter (@playWaifuGame):

[iframe to Twitter]

Want to try out WaifuGame before adding it to your server? 
Click here to join the WaifuGame Community Server to see it in action!

To play WaifuGame, 

1. Click here to invite the bot to your server. Don’t uncheck any of the permission requests.
    You’ll need to be ‘Administrator’ or have the ‘Manage Server’ permission.

2. (Optional) Create a new channel in your Discord server called #waifugame (or use any other name).
    WaifuGame sends a lot of messages, so you’ll want them separate from your chat.

3. Type /wgsetup in a channel!
    This will start the game and you’ll start receiving cards shortly. You can also type /wgdrop to start immediately.

4. (Optional) Configure your channel using the Browser Application.
    Type /wgweb to open your personal link. Then click ‘Menu’, then ‘Channels’, then click on your Channel, 
    then ‘Show Channel Settings’. 

5. (Optional) Something not working right? Type /wgtroubleshoot to see what’s wrong.
    The troubleshoot command will check the permissions. If you need more help, join the Community Server.