Not sure how to play WaifuGame? Read this guide. There are also tutorial videos available: start here.

This guide will show you the core gameplay of WaifuGame.

  1. Card Collecting Phase
  2. Bringing to Life Phase
  3. Leveling Phase
  4. Combat Phase
  5. Getting Items Phase
  6. Questing Phase
  7. More Stuff to do

1. Card Collecting Phase

The most important aspect of gameplay in WaifuGame is collecting Cards. You do this on Discord. When the bot sends a picture, you can react to it using one of four buttons:

😘 Flirt

This is called Flirting and it's the most common reaction. By Flirting, you can either collect the Card or get an Item. If the Flirt was successful, you'll get the Card. If it was not successful, you'll get an Item instead. You can become more successful at Flirting by raising your Charisma skill. More about that in Chapter 3.

Examples of Gifts in the Items view

😍 Charm

You can Charm encounters as well. Like Flirting, you can succeed and either get the Card, or you can fail and get an Item instead. The difference with Flirting is that you sacrifice a Gift from your Inventory. The eligible items will have a blue background.

If you do not have a Gift available, your attempt will automatically become a Flirt. 

🤑 Deb Charm

This action is called Debonaire Charming. You'll need a special item called the Debonaire Charm.  This item has a 100% success rate to claim any Card. In addition, it will automatically be Brought To Life (Chapter 2) at the Encounter Level (Chapter 4).

If you do not have a Debonaire Charm available, your attempt will automatically become a regular Charm. 

Learn how to get this Item in Chapter 5.

👊 Fight

This is the Auto-Battle function. Your Party will fight against the Encounter at its Encounter Level (Chapter 4) for Experience Points (XP). Auto Battles will send forth your Animus in the order of your Party and it will keep going until the Encounter is defeated, or until your Party is defeated. 

Auto Battles are essentially a comparison of the following Combat Stats (Chapter 4):

  • Physical Attack or Magic Attack: The offensive stat used. An Animu will use whichever of the two is highest.

  • Defense or Magic Resist: The defensive stat used. The Animu must use Defense when attacked by Physical Attack and must use Magic Resist when defending again a Magic Attack. 

  • Speed: Determines who goes first in Battle

2. Bringing to Life Phase 

Example of the Cards View
Collecting Cards is essential, even if you don't necessarily want a Card. That's because every Card is worth Essence. You get Essence from Disenchanting a Card, and you need Essence to Bring Cards to Life.

Try to collect as many cards as possible so you can get as much Essence as possible.

You can do so in the Cards View

Clicking the big red button Brings a Card to Life, and turns the Card into an Animu

When Brought to Life, Animus are added to your Party

If you already have six Animus in your Party, it's added to your Hotel instead. You can swap Animus between Party and Hotel any time, except during Combat. To do this: go to your Hotel, tap the name of an Animu, then tap 'Swap Positions'.

You can keep 200 Animus in your Hotel, but the limit can be raised. Once you reach the limit, you can no longer bring Cards to Life. However, you can also permanently say Good Bye to Animus. They'll leave your Hotel forever. 

There's a maximum of 200 Cards you can have in your Cards View. Once you reach the limit, your oldest Card will automatically be Disenchanted each time you gain a new Card.

3. Leveling Phase

There are three main ways to level up your Animus:
  1. Feeding
  2. Gifting
  3. Fighting
  4. Auto-Leveling

3.1 Feeding

Feeding & Gifting from
the Party View
From your Party View, click on one of your Animus. A random selection of your items is shown that can be given to the Animu. 

Items with a Gray background are Snacks.
Items with a Green background are Meals.

Snacks give 230 XP.
Meals give 460 XP.

ADVANCED STRATEGY Depending on the flavor of Snacks and Meals, they can give a boost or penalty to the XP value. The flavors for Snacks and Meals are not officially listed. It's meant to be a little memory game for players to remember which of their Animus likes which foods. The flavor that an Animu prefers and dislikes is determined by their Nature.

In addition, there is a Legendary Food item called the Mystery Candy. This item has a yellow background. It will always give exactly enough XP to reach the next level. It becomes especially effective at high Animu levels (Lv.65 and up).

3.2 Gifting

Gifting is similar to Feeding.

Items with a Blue background are Gifts.
Items with a Purple background are Presents.

Gifts give 2100 XP.
Big Presents give 5000 XP.
Great Presents give 10,000 XP.
Epic Presents give 20,000 XP.

Unlike Foods, there is no bonus or penalty for the gained XP values.

3.3 Fighting

ADVANCED STRATEGY Currently, there is only Auto Battling. Use Auto Battling combined with healing via Feeding for the most cost-effective XP gain. See Chapter 4.

3.4 Auto-Leveling

From the Party View, you may also Auto-Level an Animu. It'll let you give multiple Foods and/or Gifts at the same time, and you'll pay a small charge in Gamer Gold. This is the fastest way to gain XP but the least cost-effective. 

Note: There are no XP boosts or penalties from food Flavors while Auto-Leveling.

4. Combat Phase

There are two methods of Combat within WaifuGame:

  1. Auto Battling
  2. Manual Battling

4.1 Auto-Battling

This type of Combat happens behind the scenes after pressing the 'Fight' button. There's no way to actually see the Battle or the details. If you like, you can read below what Auto-Battling actually is.

ADVANCED THEORY During an Auto-Battle, your entire Party is readying up to fight an enemy, one by one. All Combat Stats of an Animu are relevant:
  • Speed determines who goes first.

  • Physical Attack and Magic Attack: 
    • The game will check which stat is higher.
      If it's Physical Attack, the Animu will use Physical Combat Moves during the entire Battle. 
      If it's Magic Attack, the Animu will use Magic Combat Moves during the entire Battle. 

  • Defense and Magic Resist:
    • Which stat is used is determined by the attacker.
      If they use Physical Combat Moves, the attacker must use 'Defense'.
      If they use Magic Combat Moves, the attacker must use 'Magic Resist'.
Both Animus will take turns attacking each other until the other gets K/O ("Knocked Out"). They will not use items, will not use status moves, will not retreat, etc. If the NPC Animu gets K/O, the Battle is won and XP is distributed among all of the Player's Animus that contributed.

If a player Animu gets K/O, the next Animu in the Party is sent out and the Battle continues. Either until the NPC Animu gets K/O, or until the entire Party is wiped out. If the Party is wiped out, no reward is gained.

To restore the HP of your Party, you can use Foods.
In the future, it will be a little bit harder to resurrect K/O'd Animus.

4.2 Manual Battling

You can fight Animus using the app! 

  1. Click on the "Battle" button on Discord to add it to your Battle Queue.

  2. Then head to the Battle view in the app (https://waifugame.com/battle

  3. Below on the page it'll show all your queued battles. The Combat Encounter Level is determined randomly. Fighting a Mythic Animu when you are just starting out might be too hard!

  4. Click the red "Start Battle" button before the time runs out. Animus will wait 3 hours at most. Battling also costs Energy. You have a limited number of Energy available each day. To see your Energy Levels and when it resets, check the text above the Encounter List.

  5. The Battle will start. You have several options:

    Attack-- Deal damage.
    Swap-- Choose a different Animu.
    Forfeit-- Give up.

    - You must defeat the Animu before the time runs out.
    - The Elemental Type matters for dealing and receiving extra damage. For instance, Water is extra effective against Fire Animus.
    - Learn new moves in the Dojo.

  6. At the end of the Battle, you'll get XP! This is the fastest way to level up your Animus. However, you can't get XP if your Animu is already at Lv.100.

5. Getting Items Phase

Items can be obtained in the following ways:
  1. Flirting/Charming and failing
  2. The WaifuGame Trader
  3. Quests
  4. The Emeralds Trader

5.1 Flirting/Charming and failing

By playing WaifuGame, you'll find that many Encounters you Interact with will 'resist' your Flirts and Charms. That's fine: the Waifus and Husbandos will still appreciate the time and exchange a little gift with you. Sometimes it's as common as a Brocolli and sometimes it's as legendary as a Debonaire Charm (or better).

You can find the exact odds on this page.

5.2 The WaifuGame Trader

This Trader has a random selection of 10 items for sale every day. They also have only 10 of each in stock every day. One random item will have a massive 50% discount.

The Trader takes Gamer Gold. Gamer Gold is gained by selling items you don't need. You also get Gamer Gold using the /wgdaily command. 

5.3 Quests

These are challenges in increasing difficulties. The rewards are always worth it! Find them at the Quests View. See Chapter 6.

5.4 The Emeralds Trader

Unlike the WaifuGame Trader, the Emeralds Trader has a ton of stock. They have 5 items at a discount every day. 

Emeralds are obtained by making real money donations to WaifuGame.

6. Questing Phase

There are at least 6 Quest Lines in WaifuGame:

  • Tutorials (3 Quests)
    Learn the basics of the game and claim your Starter Animu

  • The Very Best (5 Quests)
    Level Up your entire Party 

  • Rarity Party (4 Quests)
    Get a full Party of a specific Rarity

  • The One (3 Quests)
    Reach high levels with a single Animu

  • Master Collector (6 Quests)
    Get lots of Animus of a specific Rarity for Shards

  • Ultimate Non-Combat Party (4 Quests)
    Reach legendary Party Stats for massive Hotel upgrades

7. More

Collect all the Cards & Animus you love

Ultimately, WaifuGame is a collecting game with all your favorite characters from games and shows. So focus on getting your Hotel upgraded and collect anyone and everyone you like!

We add hundreds of cards every day.

ADVANCED STRATEGY We look at everyone's Wish List to determine which Cards should be added! So use the Search Feature to find your favorite characters and then click 'Add to Wish List'. Even if the character has no cards currently, it's still possible they'll get added.

Upgrade Cards with Shards

Give Cards the Rarity border that it deserves by investing Shards into them. Shards are a special item obtained from resisted Flirts, the WaifuGame Trader, or the Emeralds Trader.

It takes 5 Shards to upgrade a Common Card to an Uncommon Card, but the cost goes way up for higher Rarities.

Becoming the Main Sponsor of a Card will immediately give you the Card and will show your name whenever it is looked up via the app, via commands, and whenever the Card is dropped as an Encounter.

Compete in Contests

Keep an eye out on our Twitter or Discord Server. Every once in a while we'll have contests with a specific theme, where staff will judge your entry against all other entries. Big prizes can be won!

Have fun!